Gary, on the right, with his translator answering a question during a two day Workshop in Paris in November, 2022.

Appearance Schedule for Gary R. Renard

Award-winning author of the best-selling books:

The Disappearance of the Universe
Your Immortal Reality: How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death
Love Has Forgotten No One
The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other


"For several days I’ve been trying to put my “finger” on what could account for the seeming timeless, effortless experience of your seminar on Saturday that clearly transcended the usual bodily objections that arise in these extended sittings. It was pure flow, and I and others could have continued in the receiving mode without objection, it being so very inspiring and deepening in us. After trying out the many possible explanations for our experience I hit upon the idea of “spiritual authority.” That gave me the resonant signal. You were speaking as “one who had spiritual authority,” as did Jesus and others. Because you shared from such a knowing place, with such calm confidence, our experience was extraordinary receptivity and a suspension of the bodily/mind resistance that often arises when the teachings are external to a teacher’s awareness. That’s my assessment, for what it’s worth – you know inquiring minds want to know! Thank you again for an extraordinary weekend. We love and bless you and Cindy, and affirm you will continue to answer the call that will feed the many who hunger for what you share so wonderfully."
Rev. Larry Schellink, Unity of Davis, California

"Gary R. Renard is the A Course in Miracles speaker and author in highest demand today. So many people have become ACIM students through Gary's engaging works. His teaching is uniquely in-depth and entertaining as he speaks from the heart, and the "street." Simple and effective."
- Kelli McGowan, Marin County, California

"One thing that impressed me about Gary is his ability to cut through layers of belief systems to get to the truth of the matter. He appeals to people because he is laid back and has a terrific sense of humor. Gary is a down-to-earth guy who can talk to most anyone, male or female. He's someone you could sit down with, have a drink and talk about whatever, spiritual or otherwise."    - Brian Bickel

“Gary R. Renard routinely shares his message of forgiveness with ACIM-based groups of all sizes. Participants are inspired by his accessibility and willingness to connect, no matter how large or small the group may be. This recent comment is representative of how people respond to him: ‘I see a humility and a simple desire to join and share, whether it is with one or more. Somehow or other that exemplifies for me what a Teacher of God should be.'” - from an article by workshop attendee Karen Bentley, author of Ten Radiant Ideas and The Book of Love.

Cindy Lora-Renard
Booking Gary for An Appearance

To schedule Gary R. Renard for an event in the US, or Internationally, or to schedule a TV or radio interview,
e-mail Cindy Lora-Renard at

PLEASE NOTE: Gary's wife, Cindy Lora-Renard, will be participating in a few of the Workshops, but most of them will be conducted by Gary. There will be ample time for questions, answers and interaction, as well as a meditation and forgiveness exercise.

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May 15  -  (Wednesday.) Online Webinar open to everyone with Gary and Cindy, sponsored by the East/West Bookstore in Seattle, 5-7pm Pacific Time. For more info and to register please go to the following link:

May 20 & 31 and always archived - Online Video Classes.
Title: True Empathy (from ACIM, Ch. 16, Section I)
June 15  -  (Saturday.) Online Webinar open to everyone with Gary and Cindy, sponsored by the Miracle Network of London. For info and to register, please go to the following link:

August 3-4  -  Chicago. Live, in person 2 day Workshop with Gary for Infinity Foundation. For more info and to register, please go to the following link:

October 11-12  -  Cancun, Mexico.  In person Workshop with Gary, Friday night and all day Saturday. Details to follow!

November 9  -  Charlottesville, VA - All day, in person Workshop with Gary at Unity of Charlottesville. Details to follow!

"He's dynamic, he draws you to him. He's got the Holy Spirit behind him, I'll tell you that. And there are no pretenses. You just feel comfortable around him. He's got a great message and he says it in a great way."    - Dan Pearson

"Gary was absolutely fantastic. Not only is he a great teacher, but he's also very gracious and kind and really just a very cool dude to hang out with.  - Larry

"His message is loud and clear and he is a likeable, friendly down to earth person."     - Debbie Jones

"I spent some time just hanging around Gary at the book signing at the bookstore. He was very personable and it felt good to be in his presence. I think he does enjoy the interaction with the people at the signings. I didn't feel rushed like with other authors. Gary was interested in my comments. He was the best speaker at the conference and he made me laugh more then I have in years." - Alexis Ulrich

Gary is a delightful presence with his great sense of humor and at the same time is able to distill the Course's teachings in a very accessible way." -Mary Vigdor 

"I am very impressed and actually touched that he walks his walk - as I told him - there are fewer, unfortunately, people of his caliber who put Spirit first and money second." -A well known President of a Spiritual Foundation that produces Workshops

"That time in 2004 when I met Gary for the first time it was at a local YWCA. I thought to myself, How silly to rent such a big hall probably few will come. Well, the hall was packed! Also, when he spoke a second time somewhere closer to Seattle, the place was full. People had come from two or three states plus Canada!!! And he had just hit the trail the speaking trail a few months before. It was so wonderful I felt a pressure in the room where he was speaking kind of like the presence when a baby is being born (home birth!!) or a death there's a kind of pressure or presence, and I experienced this for three to four days afterward. I was so happy I AM so happy now, too, on a day-to-day basis."    - M. Liepa

“Well, we just loved Gary and had a GREAT time and workshop. He is a wonderful person!” ~ Peg Durkee, Unity Santa Fe, New Mexico
“I must say that I am absolutely convinced that Gary's experience with the ascended masters was totally genuine. His honesty, frankness and sincerity were very apparent. It was a wonderful experience sharing time with him.” ~ Sarah Huemmert, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
“It made the practice of Forgiveness a Gentler Lesson. After meeting Gary personally and experiencing his workshops it has changed my life.” ~ Paula Chizmar

“Gary is a remarkable man.  I met him in December when he came to Oahu to do a workshop.  I read his book, The Disappearance of the Universe twice and sat in rapt attention while he spoke for hours and hours with no notes. He is so engaging and you know the Holy Spirit inspires his teaching but at the same time, he is funny and real with no pretensions at all.”  ~ Jan Cook
“Jon Mundy invited me to a meeting in New York City to meet and hear Gary R. Renard share about his unique experiences with his Ascended Master Teachers, Arten and Pursah. He (Gary) is certainly an Advanced Teacher of God. His understanding and mastery of the ideas and principles of ACIM are clear and poignant to any Student/Teacher of the Course, and to ANYONE who may not yet have started the Course. His insight to questions about this illusion and the script we are living now and in the future, could only come from a Source outside this world.” ~ H. David Fishman, Author of Into Oneness
“This was certainly great. The clarity was refreshing, it was relaxed, it was lovely. My watch stopped the day of the workshop, so I switched to my other watch. My other watch stopped the day after the workshop, so I've been literally timeless since the workshop, at least on my person. Society around me is not cooperating yet, so I may still have a few lessons to learn.” ~ Rogier van Vlissingen
“I can only say that it was amazing to have Gary be with us and explain his experience with Pursah and Arten.  He is a wonderful, thoughtful man, with a delightful humor.” ~ Elizabeth Perry
“Gary seemed confident. Even with his first question being about the Holocaust! I liked hearing more about what Jesus was like — how he had absolutely no fear about anything. Also about what it felt like when Gary was transported to a different city with his visitors.” ~ Linda Langlois
“The workshop was great! Thank you brother for the sharing and the dynamic presentation of Arten and Pursah's teachings on true forgiveness. There is a sense that there is nothing to fear.” ~ Billy Dardic
“The playful nature of the writing.... that is a term that to me seems to hit the nail right on the head, and I saw it as an aspect of the workshop that made it so enjoyable to me as well.” ~ Peter Fairchild at 
“Disappearance” Discussion Group

What People Are Saying About The Disappearance of the Universe

"As a long time spiritual seeker as well as an experienced student and teacher of A Course in Miracles I must say that this is easily the best book ever written about the Course. There's one test that says it all. People have been reading other books about the Course for 30 years. Then they go back to reading and studying the Course themselves or at their study groups and they still don't understand it. I know. I've seen them and been one of them. But then this book comes along and people are excited and reinvigorated about the Course because after reading it they go back and read the Course or go to their study groups and they really understand it! That's NEVER happened before. Not with Marianne Williamson's or Robert Perry's books or anyone else's. Plus new students are coming to the Course with excitement and understanding. Thanks, Gary Renard, whoever you are, and your Teachers. With The Disappearance of the UniverseACIM is a whole new ball game. And a lot more fun!"   ~ Rachel Azorre

What Another Long Time Student of A Course in Miracles says about, The Disappearance of the Universe

For me, Gary's books helped me understand ACIM more than anything else I'd ever read. I was introduced to ACIM 15 or 16 years ago and tried to do a study group, but I didn't understand a lot of it. I read Marianne Williamson's books and Jampolsky's book and enjoyed them, but they didn't really explain the course. Finding Gary's first book was so synchronistic for me, it was amazing. Then everything in it resonated with me so much, and I had so many "aha" moments while reading. There were so many times where I was able to see, "Oh, that's what that means." Gary's books inspired me to pick up ACIM again after 15/16 years, and now it really makes sense. I feel it in my soul. I am eternally grateful for that"  ~ Julie Davis