New: Online Classes

Subscribers get access to replays
for all classes !


Hi Friends. This was written by Cindy and me:
Here's the news about our online classes on A Course in Miracles and our books! (featured on Crowdcast.) Registration is now open to all, no matter where you appear to be around the world! 

Please join us in a shared purpose for healing the separation! We go together or not at all.
Each month we will facilitate two 2 hour classes approximately 2 weeks apart, with both classes covering the same theme for the month. The themes will be taken from a subsection of the Course. The first hour will consist of the teaching, and the 2nd hour will be a Q&A segment where we will take questions from the online audience. 

"Live" classes are always 8-10pm, ET, 5-7pm, PT, but if you can't make it to class you can watch it anytime you want and as often as you want.

There is a monthly fee of $29.95 that covers both classes. The dates will be announced each month, and there will be a different subject from the Course each month.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: There are TWO easy steps to signing up. First, you subscribe on the subscription page, then you do the registration. The instructions are in this letter. Subscribers will get a new registration code every month, which will be needed to do the online classes for that month. If you're a subscriber, you don't need the code to watch the recorded class, only to attend live. Sounds like a lot, but it's easy.
ALSO, if you scroll down on the subscription page you'll find a link, "Help Center and FAQs" where most questions are answered. One of them is, "Do you support INTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS?" The answer is yes. Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars, but your bank or Paypal will convert your payment for you.

There are two options to participate in these classes:
Option 1:
For the best deal, you can subscribe to our Patreon account for $29.95 each month (receiving our two 2 hour classes each month (a $49.95 value)! As a subscriber (patron) you will receive the two 2 hour classes free each month, plus unlimited access to all archived classes for the previous months. You will have access to our monthly posts, which will also include the coupon code for each month of classes, which you will need in order to register.

To register as a subscriber for these continuous monthly classes, here are the details (please read the full description below): First, you will go to this link to subscribe:

Then, when you open the link above to our subscriber page, you must actually register as a subscriber first before you will have access to the post on the page which reveals the coupon code you will need to register for the class itself. 

Once you subscribe, and then read the post on the page and get the coupon code, you will then need to register for the actual class by going to our crowdcast page (link below). Once you open the crowdcast page, you will then type in your email at the top, and enter the coupon code to receive the classes free. That's it! You're done! You will receive emails with reminders about the class with links.

Here is the crowdcast link to actually register for the classes once you get the coupon code:

Option 2:
Pay as you go each month instead of subscribing:
For this pay-as-you-go option, each monthly series of classes (which are the same classes as the above option) will be $49.95 per month. This option is for those you may not want to tune in every month to our classes, or don't want to subscribe for the low fee of $29.95 each month, but you can register any time you want for any particular month, or even every month if you so choose. If you think you are going to be regularly tuning in to our classes, the subscription option is the better deal.
What you will get with this option are the two 2 hour classes as described above with access to the replays of the class you registered for as long as we keep the replay up on the Crowdcast site.

Please note: This option does not include full access to the archived classes from previous months. But again, you would receive access to the replay of the class you paid for if you can't make the event "live".

To register each month for this "pay-as-you-go" option, please click on the following link, and then just click on the $49.95 button, and it will prompt you to put in your info to register for the class:

Another note: The coupon code you will see on the Crowdcast page (where everyone actually registers for the class) is only for those who are subscribers. So, if you choose the pay-as-you-go option, we don't offer further discounts with a coupon code. We did our best to make sure all of it is affordable and within reason, given the amount of time it takes to present these classes to you on a monthly basis.

So, we hope you will join us in what we feel will be a wonderful, ongoing class in helping us all to remember the Truth, stay focused and vigilant only for God, and undo the belief in the ego together! We are serious about our enlightenment, and yours. 

Please feel free to share this information with anyone you know who may be interested in taking these classes!